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Tumbler Glass Set of Two

30624 OL
Size: H 13.5cm x L 8cm X W 8cm
Very few artisans in Southern and Northern Lebanon are still performing the centuries-old technique of handblown glass. The technique learned originally from the Pharaohs and developed by the Phoenicians is still handed down from a generation to the next. The process of creating a blown glass product goes through several steps. First it takes 10 days for the artisan to properly heat up the oven used to forge the product. Recycled glass debris are then gathered, transformed using the heat and blown by the craftsmen to shape the glass.
Each handmade glass is specific in its nature and look and because of this sizes will differ from one product to another but in the end this is the beauty of handmade products.

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Care Not dishwasher or microwave safe
Material Recycled Glass

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