Design has a unique role to play in a changing economy and society. At l’Artisan du Liban, the artisans contribute greatly to our design in various techniques and sometimes in unexpected ways. The method and the craftsmanship have been the base of l’Artisan du Liban designs since the very beginning. By working closely and cooperatively with artisans, our designers have successfully maintained or evolved traditional techniques, designed or re-edited over 5000 objects with 3000+ currently available for sale. The collection continues to grow with the introduction of new products every season.

Our design strategy is to build an alliance between the designer and the craftsman. Since the start, we’ve developed products for our customers and tools for our artisans, while introducing new designs and improving existing products to fit contemporary lifestyles and tastes. Since then, l’Artisan du Liban’s design unit has evolved from a sole in-house designer to a pool of young or established designers. We are now focused on strengthening the role of the young designers, who will greatly contribute to innovation, creativity and relevance of our production.

We value our designers and honor our artisans, and our new objective is to reawaken the lost connection between the young designer and the artisan.

And so, in parallel to our mission with the artisan, we are implementing a similar strategy in design. Since 2015, we have welcomed new designers and continue our search today in identifying young blood to embrace and develop new ways to support the artisans and circulate our traditions. We think that by working jointly; young designers and artisans will mutually benefit and reinforce each other positions in the market.

Image description:

Objects of change exhibition 2017 – Product result of collaboration between young designer, new generation artisan, and ADL artisans